Green spaces and the impact on cognitive frailty: a scoping review

January 15, 2024

Congratulation for Sally Fowler-Davis, network Co-I  and her team for publishing her scoping review on the effects of green spaces on cognitive frailty!

Green spaces and the impact on cognitive frailty: a scoping review

Sally Fowler Davis, Charlotte Benkowitz, Lucie Nield, and Chris Dayson


Read the full article here:


Some literature indicates that contact with green spaces can benefit health and wellbeing, but it is unclear whether this is protective of cognitive health in older people. Using Arskey and O’Malley’s framework the aim was to investigate ageing, cognitive frailty and the effects of green access including any causality. The evidence was somewhat inconsistent but suggestive for a beneficial role of green space exposure on cognitive functions. Results suggested that globally, the poorer urban environments are high risk for older people’s mental health and these places often lack parks and green spaces. There is evidence that the level of activity and social participation may be greater with access to green spaces and therefore reduces health risks. Green spaces seem to have a role in preventing cognitive frailty, especially for more vulnerable older populations living in poorer urban environments.

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