Second Round of Exchange and Mobility Funding

We are delighted to announce the second round of Exchange funding relating to extracellular matrix ageing across the life course, to fund exchange visits in academia or industry to learn new techniques or carry out collaborative work.  There have been some interesting exchanges over the past few months, and we will keep you updated on these as we receive reports from the award holders.

Guidance for applications:

The awards are of up to £500 each and are suitable for PDRAs, PhD students and technical staff.

Eligible costs:

National and international travel, subsistence, consumables, small equipment or access costs can be included. Applications including childcare costs will be considered.


Completion of exchange by 30 September 2023, with report due by 31 October 2023.

Exchange and mobility R 2 App Form 2023

To apply return the completed application form to by 4 pm on Monday 19th June 2023.


Our Funding

The network offers two rounds of both Exchange awards and pump priming.

The network supports the training and development of ECRs and technicians, and cements interdisciplinary and cross-institutional interactions by hosting a laboratory exchange scheme.  PDRAs, PhD students and technicians will be able to apply for exchange visits in academia or industry to learn new techniques or carry out collaborative work funded by other sources.  A BBSRC FTMA award to the network allowed us to fund a further £60K of placements.  See our Exchange page.

The pump prime fund assists members with the development of ideas and will increase future opportunities to apply for funding.  Our aim is to support researchers in the earlier stages of their careers to apply for future funding, this fund will encourage interdisciplinary and cross-institutional applications, and those applications that include a PDRA, PhD student or technician will receive additional funding.  See our pump priming page for further details