Pump Priming

Pump Priming Awards

The network offers two rounds of pump priming funding with awards of between £1,500 and £5,000 in value, with the aim of increasing opportunities for members to apply for other external funding.  We encourage interdisciplinary and cross-institutional applications, and those that include a PDRA, PhD student or technician will receive an uplift, so that the data generated can support fellowship or new investigator applications, or grow technical research capacity. Those awarded pump priming funding are required to submit a report; we will update our website with summaries of reports when available.

Pump Priming Round 1

We were delighted to award the following in our first round of Pump Priming:

  1.  Oana Dobre and Juan Gonzalez of the University of Glasgow with Anjali Arora of Oxford for the project ‘Bioengineering approaches to investigate cancer therapy induced senescence and accelerated ageing’
  2. Salvatore Santamaria of the University of Surrey, with Mike Sherratt, Ren Jie Tuleng and Alexander Eckersley of the University of Manchester and Dr Yasmin of the University of Cambridge for the project ‘Characterisation of the Age-specific Proteoglycanome in Aorta (CASPIA): from biopsies to molecular mechanisms’
  3. Giovanna Nalesso with Salma Mohammed of the University of Surrey, and Angus Wann and Swati Midha of The University of Oxford for the project ‘Role of Collagen type V in altering articular cartilage homeostasis during ageing’
  4. Bojin Marinov with Riaz Akhtar of the University of Liverpool with Catherine Disney of Diamond Light Resource, Oxford for the project ‘Detecting Collagen Molecular Damage in Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms’


Pump Priming Round 2

Successful applicants to our second round of pump priming were:

  1.  Alexander Eckersley with Mike Sherratt of the University of Manchester, Giovanna Nalesso and Mia Mohammed of the University of Surrey and Matiss Ozols of Wellcome Sanger Institute for the project ‘Sex-stratified peptide location fingerprinting of ageing articular extracellular matrix’
  2. Elly Tyler with Oliver Pearce of Queen Mary University, and Anjali Arora, University of Oxford and Oana Dobre, University of Glasgow for the project ‘Identifying a breast ageing ECM signature to inform a 3D ageing tissue model’
  3. Rosalia Cuahtecontzi Delint with Angelos Tsigkos of the University of Glasgow and Mahetab Amer of the University of Leeds for the project ‘Inhibiting replicative senescence of human mesenchymal stem cells using biomaterials engineering’