The Food4Years Network has offered about £60k (£10k for 6 projects) pump-priming grant to develop food and nutrition research in the UK. Priority areas that were considered for funding were:

  1. The development and marketing of food products designed for older consumers
  2. Nutritional requirements and older adults: where evidence and guidelines align and where there are gaps
  3. Co-creating food-based solutions with older adults
  4. The investigation of equity issues applied to the above issues

The pump-priming funding was announced on the 2nd of November and the call closed on the 7th of November.

We were proud to be able to fund the following projects:

  1. Appetite responses to a leucine-enriched glycomacropeptide (GMP) protein product in appetite-suppressed older adults: A feasibility and proof of concept study. PI – Dr Adrian Holliday, Newcastle University.
  2. SPOONful: a Structured Prescription Of Oral Nutritional supplementation for community-dwelling older adults. PI – Dr Chris McLeod, Loughborough University.
  3. Exploring sources of nutritional information used by older people: A feasibility Study. PI – Dr Jane McClinchy, University of Hertfordshire.
  4. A mixed methods approach to look at relevant food strategies to reduce risk of malnutrition in older minority communities. PI – Sara Stanner, British Nutrition Foundation.
  5. A novel approach to investigating inequalities in nutrition and healthy ageing for older Black African adults in the UK. PI – Dr Sophia Amenyah, Bournemouth University.
  6. Fibre4life: exploring, engaging and educating older adults on dietary fibre. PI – Dr Stella Lignou, University of Reading.

We wish them well and look forward to hearing their results in our January conference.