MyAge responds to the 2023 Spring budget

April 25, 2023

MyAge responds to the 2023 Spring budget which allocated support for programmes to encourage retirees over 50 back to work and make improvements in musculoskeletal support.

This is an important area of focus because:

  • In the UK, approximately 470,000 people of working age suffer from musculoskeletal symptoms, many of which are preventable.
  • Up to 50% of muscle mass will be lost by the age of 70.
  • Muscle resilience is important for health and well-being across the lifecourse, from childhood to older age.
  • We know that interventions aimed at building and maintaining muscle resilience should be developed with consideration for the different stages of life.
  • Physical activity can help build and maintain muscle resilience.
  • Physical activity can take many forms and its promotion and accessibility should be integrated across sectors.

Research has an important role in meeting these challenges because it guides clinicians, policy makers and members of the public on what works and what doesn’t.

Our network is interdisciplinary, meaning that we bring biomedical, social and physical scientists and clinicians together with healthcare workers and policy makers to help solve the really important problems of muscle ageing.

Working with communities and the third sector is clearly important too, as well as increasing access to inclusive environments for people to build muscle function throughout their life course.