MyAge-funded research supports World Menopause Day

October 17, 2023

Today, 18th October 2023, is World Menopause Day, and we’re delighted to share some of the important projects that MyAge has helped to fund in this area. Our policy brief, A lifelong approach to muscle resilience: implications for policy and practice, notes that females typically live longer and have younger ‘biological age’ than males. Importantly, females typically also have worse neuromuscular health in older age than males. The report advocates:

  • The need to promote physical activity in relation to muscle resilience with the target population in mind, because recommendations differ according to sex and stage of life.
  • Providing incentives to workplaces to encourage physical activity and increase uptake in the UK workforce.

MyAge has funded two menopause-related projects by early career researchers.

Dr Jessica Piasecki (Nottingham Trent), Dr Paul Ansdell (Northumbria), Dr Daniele Magistro (Nottingham Trent): The implications of the menopausal transition on neuromuscular function.

Dr Padraig Spillane (Northumbria), Dr Paul Ansdell (Northumbria),   Dr Jessica Piasecki (Nottingham Trent), Dr Mathew Piasecki (Nottingham), Dr Jakob Skarabot (Loughborough):  The implications of the menopausal transition on women’s ability to consciously control movement and interact with their environment (neuromuscular function) .

It is a great pleasure to share the research on World Menopause Day and we’re very much looking forward to seeing what comes next for these researchers.