The MyAge Management Group

Our Director is:

Professor Peter JS Smith (MyAge Director)

Professor of Life Sciences

Institute for Life Sciences

University of Southampton




Our Co-Director is:

Professor Carolyn A Greig
Professor of Musculoskeletal Ageing and Health

University of Birmingham





The MyAge Management Group are:

Dr Kambiz N Alavian (Joint MyAge Director)
Senior Lecturer

Imperial College London

Associate Professor (Adjunct), Yale University





Dr Mathew Piasecki
Assistant Professor of Clinical, Metabolic and Molecular Physiology

University of Nottingham






Professor Keith Godfrey

Professor of Epidemiology and Human Development

University of Southampton

Theme Lead for Nutrition, Lifestyle and Metabolism

NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre



Professor Karen A Lillycrop

Professor of Epigenetics

University of Southampton





MyAge is supported by a Steering Committee and External Advisory Committee

The primary responsibility of these Committees is to act as a ‘critical friend’ for the MyAge Management Group. They help to facilitate the delivery of the Roadmap and build collaborative teams, primed to address the big challenges in muscle resilience and ageing research through the life course.

The Committee members perform an important function in sharing information and advising the network. They comprise senior academics with diverse, related expertise, representatives of UK Research and Innovation, The Physiological Society and highly valued public contributors who use their real life, lived experience to guide MyAge activities.

Membership map


The map shows where our UK and Irish members are based.


MyAge’s key themes