About our international ageing consortium

UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) has awarded MyAge funding to work in partnership with the other UK Ageing Research Networks (UKAN) and institutions in the USA and Canada.  

We are: 

  • forming strategic interdisciplinary collaborations in ageing research  
  • seeking future researchers to build a global consortium that can generate the highest scientific, interventional, industrial and societal impact. 

We aim to integrate the mechanistic insight on ageing to promote the development of: 

  • biological 
  • pharmaceutical/nutraceutical 
  • behavioral 
  • lifestyle 
  • clinical 
  • societal interventions to improve healthspan and lifespan 

The collaborative activities will be designed around: 

  • exploring transformative ideas and mechanisms 
  • developing novel interventions. 

Topics will range from the biological to environmental and social determinants of ageing 

Activities will include: 

  • focused workshops 
  • thematic thinktanks 
  • scoping & training research exchange visits. 

The number of people living longer than 65 is expected to increase by more than 40% within 20 years but adults in the UK, particularly women, often spend their last decade in poor health.   

In order to help address this ‘unhealthy ageing timebomb’, we need to step up a gear and focus on the bigger picture. This is most likely to be effective if we build large collaborations which work across country and discipline rather than just going for smaller, localised grants alone.” Dr Kambiz Alavian, Reader at Imperial College London, Adjunct Associate Professor at Yale University and member of the MyAge Management Group (pictured right) will lead the activity. 

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